We made a lot of progress!

So, since our last stop to refuel and plan out next route to or unknown goal we have made a lot of progress. 

We took on a job for a local CrossFit box "pro-bono" to enhance our skills and to give back to someone who has helped us a lot over the last few months. 

The result of the project taught us how to conduct interviews, how to string together different interviews to create a full, meaningful story. 

The purpose with the video was to introduce the local community to the rapidly growing workout philosophy called Crossfit. We collaborated with 4 athletes whom has preformed at a high level throughout this 2018 season. 

How did we shoot this video?

For the interview parts we placed down our Canon 5D mkiv with a 50mm focal length to get an establishing shot of the subject. Meanwhile, Espen ran around with the GH5 and a sigma 105mm macro lens to get crisp closeup shots of the subject. The idea behind this was to get different shots during the talking-segment, which kept the interview interesting throughout. 

Every part of the interview built up to something that happened over the last couple of months and we added b-roll to increase the understanding of what the athletes were talking about. The b-roll included footage taken previously from different events. 

In total we ended up with over 300GB of footage, and these were 1080 files, NOT 4k. 

We will link the end result to this post so you can see both the 3 minute trailer and the 15 minutes documentary of Crossfit Lillestrom. 

Why do we call this progress? 
Basically we see this as progress because it's our first every documentary and we learned so much in the process. Working with athletes, telling a great story and collaborating with different media sources and companies. 


Check out the end result here


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