May 10th, 2016.

“Lets build our own clothing line!”
“Lets offer our expertise within physical training to companies!”
“Lets build a gym!!”

“What if we just start shooting cool photos for our own social profiles?” “Do you know anything about photography?” “No, but we’ll figure it out!”

The discussion was intense, the dream was big. With no past experience what so ever we decided to chase down all our ideas at once.

We launched Achieved on the 31st of August 2016 with a primary goal to create our own clothing line. In order to gain the capital needed to invest in textile we needed to offer a service that demanded little to no cash.

The Achieved Bootcamp - a free service to the public - launched our career as modern personal trainers, where the goal was to help people enjoy physical activities, achieve their goals and overcome challenges. While planning, arranging and executing our Bootcamps we started designing our first ever product. The Achieved Pilot t-shirt.

“With a great product comes great responsibilities” in terms of marketing. Our grind to create engaging ads for our own products eventually provided us with an unique skillset for digital media. And we loved it.

Down the line our work as marketers experienced an external demand, which we gladly supplied. Today we are happy to say that our new branch “Achieved Media” is up and running. We’re excited and greatful, but also proud of the work we have done and the milestones we have Achieved.

Whatever kind of digital work you need help with, we are here for you.

Heading back up on the highway and we'll be back with more stories as soon as we make another stop!

*honk honk*